Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend Kevin's sister, Angela, and her 3 children, Natalee, Kyle, and Sean came in from out of town for a visit. It has been roughly a year since we had seen them so needless to say we spent every waking minute with them. When they arrived on Thursday we headed to my in laws to visit and eat dinner and then Connor and Carson were asked to spend the night with their cousins, which they jumped right on. Friday Angela and I took the kids bowling and then headed to a local park to let them play. Friday night the twins spent the night with us and the evening was spent playing lots of X box and Wii. Saturday was spent just hanging out and then we headed to an afternoon birthday party for my boys cousin, Eli. Then we headed to take some quick photos of the cousins to have an updated portrait. Sunday, by far was the best. Kevin's parents graciously offered to take us all to Spring Valley Beach for a day of fun. That morning Colton woke up not feeling so well so we dropped him off at my parents house and as we were heading out Kevin felt a migraine coming on so he unfortunately headed to the house as I continued on our way. All the kids had a blast and by far that is the best water park in our area. It was not crowded at all and was relatively clean. Connor and Carson loved riding the water slides with their cousins and then there was a kiddie area where my boys also loved to play. Connor said his favorite thing was the "dark slide" which was a tunnel slide. Carson agrees with Connor on this (not much they do agree on!) and while going down the slide you could hear him yelling "Awesome Dude!!" He was so cute and had everyone at the bottom of slide laughing! Though we hated our weekend had to come to an end we are glad we got to make some great memories with our family and can't wait to do it again!