Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Snake Hunt

So I know I am way late on getting this post out but here it is anyways...

Our Easter weekend was great. My family celebrated Easter on Saturday, which unfortunately Kevin had to work, so the boys and I headed to my parents for the day. After eating way to much food we had an egg hunt for my boys and my cousins son, Eli. What better way to hunt for eggs than on a John Deere ATV? The boys had a blast looking for eggs and some of them had special surprises thanks to my cousin John, as in a caterpillar, flower, a screw, and a leaf. Leave it to him to never leave something boring. To make things even more exciting while Eli was looking for eggs he came across a snake! I am so glad I was not the one that discovered that and thankfully it was not poisonous, but to me the best kind of snake is a dead one! So after all the boys admiring the snake they continued their hunt and then the checking out the goodies inside.

On Sunday after church we headed to Kevin's parents to eat lunch. The lunch was yummy as always and then we headed to their basement for an egg hunt. The boys had a blast hunting eggs and eating the candy inside and of course counting the eggs to see who got the most! Overall we had a great weekend are very blessed with great families that live so close.


Beth said...

Neat to see the Easter fun. A snake! What excitement! We'd have caught him and studied him, haha!!

Rachel said...

Finding a snake on an Easter Egg Hunt? That's a bonus right there!! :)