Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our 3 Things

Last night we went trick or treating, which was a blast. They are at great ages where they were all able to walk and go up to the doors by themselves - in the past we have had at least one in a stroller. Little C was so cute because he was determined to carry his pumpkin full of candy the whole time and would get upset if you tried to carry it for him. At one point I had to dump his candy into Big C's pumpkin just so Little C could carry it again, and then he cried because he thought I was taking his candy away.
Of course right when we were walking out of the door I realized I did not have any batteries for my camera so I did not get to take any pictures. My neighbor did take one while they were trick or treating at her house so I will post that picture when she sends it to me. This picture is from a few weeks back when we went to a halloween party at our next door neigbors house.


Beth said...

OH my goodness, how cute!! What a great, and simple/easy costume idea!!

Barnett Family said...

Yes, super simple and cheap it was. I was only out about 10 bucks for all of it.