Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A glimpse into our lives...

So, I am finally starting a blog. Mainly for me to be able to remember all the great times we have as a family but also to share with far away family and friends. Here is a quick introduction of the boys.

Big C just turned 6. He is full of life, and loves to be in charge. He has a great since of humor and a tender heart. He is in kindergarten and loves every minute of it. He also enjoys playing the X Box and to be honest is quite good at it, sometimes better then KD.

Middle C will turn 4 in January. He is our "wild card", never meets a stranger, and you never know what will come out of his mouth. He also is very loving, and has become quite the big helper. He started going to speech at the beginning of September and feels like such a big boy going to big school. He loves to play outside and go "super fast" on his bike.

Little C will turn 2 in just a few weeks. He is small but extremely tough. He is a daredevil that will do anything just to keep up with his brothers. He plays hard all day and then crashes at night. We are right in the middle of trying to figure out why he is so small, so hopefully I can post about that soon.

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