Tuesday, November 16, 2010

8 Years Ago

At this exact time, eight years ago, Kevin and I were getting married. In some ways it seems like only yesterday but in others it seems we have been together forever. Now 3 kids later here we are, waiting to see what God has for the next 60 or more years. Last night, we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and we ran into a customer that comes into Chick fil A every day for breakfast AND lunch, and then to Cracker Barrel for dinner. He was telling us that he and his wife were married 61 years before she passed away. How I hope and pray we have that much time together and hopefully more. God has truly blessed us and our marriage and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!


Beth said...

congratulations! I never remember people's big dates! But I do remember getting all dressed up and sitting with Sarah E and watching y'all become a family! I'm so glad God's allowed us to know each other, to become friends - all because you married KB!

Rachel said...

Happy (late) anniversary!!! I remember when you guys got married -it does seem like forever ago! We're all getting old. (sigh)

Barnett Family said...

Thanks ladies!! Dont worry Beth, I am horrible with dates too! So glad you were there too :)

Rachel, I know it seems like only yesterday we were in the young married's class :( Getting old stinks!