Friday, November 19, 2010

Day with Daddy Part 2

Last night, Connor and Kevin were able to go to the Alabama game. This was Connor's first football game to ever go to so he was super excited. He has been watching football on tv this whole season and is obsessed with who wins. Kevin said they had a great time and Connor really enjoyed himself. This morning when I was talking to him about the game he said "you know what mom, they didn't have any commercials at the game last night." I thought that was so cute because if you know Connor, he is not the most patient child and so watching commercials drives him crazy. And of course, he let me know that Alabama beat the white team up! I am afraid now Connor is going to want to go to the games every week instead of watching it on tv, thankfully the season is almost over!

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Rachel said...

FUN!! I'm glad they had a good time - with no commercials! ;)