Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Colton Update

Well, the doctor finally used the two words I had been dreading....Crohn's Disease. Though I am glad we are finally making progress in finding out what has been wrong with our Colton for almost 2 years, I was hoping it was something less severe. The doctor is not 100% sure it is Crohn's but he is pretty sure. Crohn's is very hard to diagnose and especially in small children. He said that only 5% of cases are in children his age-and wouldn't you know we would be in that 5%. He has officially diagnosed him with Colitis and we go for an Upper GI two days after Christmas and he is hoping that will give him some definite answers on Crohn's. Right now he is keeping us on the four, yes 4, medicines that Colton takes multiple times a day because they are helping with his symptoms. He said basically we will stay on them until we see they are no longer working and then we will try something new. The med he is on for the inflammation is a one of kind because all the other types are in pill form, which a 2 year old cannot take. So we are just praying that this medicine continues to help and that he will start to gain weight-even though today the dr was not pleased with his lack of weight gain. We again ask for your prayers for our sweet Colty Bear and pray for his healing from the Ultimate Physician! I will give another update as soon as we know more.


Beth said...

Oh wow...I am glad for some answers, but I know it is so hard to hear this...and I AM praying, whenever he comes to mind.

Thanks for sharing this here...I wanted to call you today, but obviously I didn't - CJ wasn't herself and we did lots of holding/sitting. Will call asap!

Jaci Spain said...

Praying for ya'll and for sweet Colton. I can't believe he is on 4 medicines:( Bless his heart!

Rachel said...

Poor little guy! I didn't even know that kids got Crohn's Disease! We'll be praying for him!