Sunday, December 26, 2010

A White Christmas

We had two great days of celebration for Jesus' Birthday. Christmas Eve we went over to Kevin's parents house for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. His mom over did herself cooking a delicious turkey, dressing, squash casserole, homemade mashed potatoes (prepared by Kevin's dad), fruit salad, rolls and then an assortment of desserts. After our delicious dinner it was time for presents which Carson was more then ready for. He had been patiently, well not so patiently waiting to open presents.

The boys were blessed with many special gifts from Mama and Papa but one favorite from each was a camera for Connor, a Batmobile for Carson, and Colton received a super cute Toy Story riding toy which he zoomed around on all night.

Christmas morning started off with Connor waking up at 6:30 to discover it was snowing outside. The other 2 boys were woken up at 7:15 when Connor could wait no longer. The boys I think were a bit overwhelmed by all the presents and were loving playing with each other's toys. When you have 3 boys it is a bit hard to buy for them indivudually because they always play with each others toys and typically like the same things.

After having "our" time we headed to my parents house aka the farm. It was such a beautiful drive that morning with the snow falling, a bit surreal. When we arrived at my parents we opened presents with my parents and sisters and my sisters fiance, Doug, and then outside for a snowball fight. After playing in the snow a while we headed in to dry and warm up and then waited on the rest of the family to come up for lunch and then more presents. The boys again received many great things,a few favorites were a Wii, John Deere Tractor, another Batmobile, broom set, Toy Story toys, and Pillow Pets.

Overall I think our Christmas was good just a little different. It had its good and sad moments, the most sad was my grandmother not being there after just loosing her one week ago. But many new memories were made and this was one we will always remember!


Rachel said...

Those are awesome pictures!! Merry Christmas!

Jaci Spain said...

Great recap and pictures Lauren. I'm still praying for you in the loss of your grandmother so suddenly! Praying He gives you peace in the midst of your sadness!