Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Real 3 Ring Circus

So as most of you know, we have a 3 ring circus of our own. Well this past Friday we were surprised with 4 absolutely free tickets to the real 3 ring circus and pre-party. This was such a huge blessing because the night before, Kevin and I had talked about taking our own clowns but when I looked online the prices were too high and not that great of seats. Friday rolled around and my sister called with 4 tickets for that evening that were given to my cousin. I joyfully accepted the tickets and quickly made our plans for the evening. We decided to leave Colton with my mom, one because we had 4 tickets but most importantly I did not think he would enjoy it and would get antsy during the show. We all had a great time from beginning to end. The evening started off with the pre-party which consisted of dinner, thanks to Jim n Nicks - who also we are to thank for our wonderful tickets. During dinner there were alot of the characters from the circus coming and talking with the boys as well as face painting. The best part was the FREE popcorn, nachos and cheese, and most importantly cotton candy. We graciously ate all our stomachs desired at dinner and then took our cotton candy with us to the circus - which later I found out that saved us $12. Once at the circus the boys were in awe of everything. They loved every minute of it and kept asking when they could come back. Connor said his favorite part was the people walking on the "power lines" aka the tight rope and Carson's favorite part was getting his face painted like Spider Man. To make things even better, some great friends of ours were able to come and sit with us after intermission. Here a few pics of our magical night with 2 of our 3 ring circus!

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Rachel said...

You got some amazing pictures of the kids!! Too cute!